Who knew… comic books at 35 years old

2013 marks the first year I have ever read a comic book let alone been to a comic book store. It all started at the end of the last TV season when Grimm went off the air. I heard online that there was going to be a comic book coming out based on the show. Now I LOVE GRIMM!!! I have loved it from the first episode. I loved it more when I found out my cousins, Lindsey and Jamie, record a fan podcast about the show. Shout out to the DVMPE and The Grimm Podcast!!! Anyway, back to the comics after deciding I wanted to get my hands on this comic I had to find out where to go. My search was fast but resulted in a GREAT comic book store called Third Eye Comics in Annapolis, MD. To be completely honest I was a bit trepidatious going my first time, I was completely caught off guard when two of the 4 shop employees were women. The best part was all the employees are SUPER friendly and willing to answer any questions you have. Unfortunately, my first trip to the comic book store didn’t result in my first copy of Grimm. Little did I know that comics only come out once a month and I had come on the wrong week. I also learned that new comic book day is Wednesdays. Since that first trip to Third Eye I have been as faithful a shopper as I can be and have started reading several other series. Most notably The Walking Dead, Lazarus, Jennifer Blood, the new X-Men. I also got to go to my first ComicCon in Baltimore. While I had fun I hope next time I will have friends to go with.



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